About New Balance
William J. Riley established "New Balance Arch Support Company" in Boston in 1906. Reportedly, the idea for the company name, came when William observed some chickens and their ability to keep their balance using only three claws. He wanted to transfer this three-point balance, to New Balance's shoes and sneakers, as it seemed to be optimal. The idea became reality, and today New Balance sneakers are known as some of the most comfortable on the market.
New Balance was the first to launch a running shoe with a so-called ”rippled outsole”. The sole consisted of a foam-like material that could give way by pressure, for optimal comfort. After 22 years of production, the Trackster silhouette marked New Balance’s big breakthrough, and has today reached the status of “sneaker legend”
New Balance's signature logo "N" didn’t appear until the '70s, where among other things, New Balance launched its 320 model. Since then all their silhouettes have carried the familiar "N" on the side. It was associated with Nike in the beginning, but today there is no doubt whether it's Nike or New Balance sneakers, if you see an "N" on the side of the shoe.
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