About Reebok
Reebok is a brand that seeks to inspire their consumers to be the very best version of themselves. With a pair of Reebok sneakers on your feet, you're supposed to be well on the way. Reebok has been in the sneaker market for many years, and the brand is among the most well-known sportswear brands out there. Their sneaker line originally gained it's succes by hitting the fitness market hard, in the mid 80's, with silhouettes such as the High Stepper and the Workout. Their product range spans however much broader and includes both apparel and equipment, among other crossfitt, running, training and dance.
At Rezet Sneaker Store, we naturally focus only on Reebok sneakers, which can be characterized as everyday or even fashion items. Through time Reebok has managed to produce true sneaker icons, which are still highly topical and requested by enthusiasts around the world. The latest, and most sought after addition to the Reebok brand, is by far Kendrick Lamar, and his growing line of sneakers. At Rezet we have been blessed to carry all of the Kendrick releases, which is just one of the reasons why we are very happy to have Reebok in our product range.