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Welcome to Rezet Sneaker Store.
Welcome to Rezet

Rezet Sneaker Store is your dedicated sneaker supplier. We currently have four stores in Denmark, but we strive toward becoming your international sneaker supplier. If we are not located anywhere near you, you are always more than welcome to contact us. We sell all of our products directly from the individual brands qualifying us as a certified supplier of these.

The story

It all begins towards the end of 2010 in an old apartment in downtown Copenhagen. Co-founders Mathias Bruun Christensen and Kasper Mølgaard Nielsen lay the foundation for a business, which will later prove itself as a significant player on the Danish retail market. They are accompanied by their former employer and Unisport creator, Henrik Bousager, and the three of them shake hands and agree to open the first Rezet Store located in Copenhagen.

Previously in 2008, Henrik sells Unisport to an Islandic investment fund, and he relocates to Ibiza, Spain with his wife and kids. His great experience with large sport brands enables him to open the very first Rezet Store in a small town called Santa Eularia. The drive and determination to continue working on new adventures in Denmark leads him to Mathias and Kasper, and in April of 2011 the first Rezet Store opens its doors in Copenhagen in that exact same old first floor apartment in Rådhusstræde. Shortly after the opening, Henrik sadly loses a short and intensive fight against cancer. Circumstances have evidently changed, and it is concluded that the Spanish branch of the company will close down. Focus is placed on developing the new business in Denmark.

The mix of a mutual passion for sneakers and sportswear plus a great entrepreneurial appetite, subsequently form the base for Rezet’s function as a store and web shop. In the spirit of Henrik, Rezet is quickly manifested as an inevitable candidate on the urban fashion scene in Copenhagen.

About Rezet

The interest and market for sneakers has progressed massively over the past years. The sneaker business has gone from being a very narrow business - almost restricted zone - for sneaker aficionados and suppliers only to a limitless and unreserved business with items for everyone. We have been a part of this journey since the first store opened in Copenhagen in 2011. Today, Rezet Store is a favorite sneaker destination for the Danes, and the preferred go-to shop for modern sneakers and the latest trends.

The great success is derived from the very passionate team behind the scene, who all share a huge affection for sneakers. Rezet consists of four physical stores in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, and an additional online shopping platform. Today, we employ 50 people in the stores and at the Rezet HQ.

Right from the beginning the vision has been clear. Rezet must undisputedly be Denmark’s best sneaker store – both when it comes to size, service and assortment. Our mantra has always been that everyone is welcome in Rezet Store. Whether or not you are a so-called sneakerhead, a collector since before you could walk, a first-time sneaker buyer, or just looking for a present for your grandchild - we will always welcome you, share our expertise, and guide you through our selection to fit your specific need. 


Rezet Sneaker Store was built on a solid foundation of love for the old running silhouettes now known as sneakers. Everyone at Team Rezet has their own special affiliation with sneakers. Whether it is a nostalgic passion for old long-distance runners from Asics, a unique interest for original technologies such as the adidas Originals' stability system Torsion, or just a deep interest in the latest innovations from Nike - we all share that same passion for sneakers.

Store locations

Rezet is very conscious about being physically present precisely where it makes sense for business. No hasty decisions are made as long as Rezet is on a positive path with increasing growth. Despite the seamless store setup, Rezet is greatly aware about not forcing the business through the country and scale it too grand. 

We will only be present where it makes sense, and currently that is in the three largest cities in Denmark. We have to protect our repertoire and be carefully not to dilute the market. There might be a short-term payoff to be gained, but in the long run it may cause our demise. Due diligence is key.

In-store look and feel

All of Rezet’s stores designs are based on a set of Nordic design aesthetics matched with a respect for the practicalities that are required for managing a store on a daily basis. The Nordic style is present throughout, and the subtle and simple look enables all of our products to really stand out. The color scheme and the choice of materials have been toned down to give space to the enormous explosions of colors and materials, which our assortment consists of. There is room for contemplation and the ambience is warm and welcoming. With a neat foundation, we ensure an elegant and aesthetic execution with sensuous materials like oak, plywood, linoleum, concrete and steel.

The webshop – our digital presence

Besides being present in local markets with physical stores, Rezet also has a solid online platform. The webshop has always notoriously produced the greatest income and strongest growth. We weigh our digital presence very highly and put great effort in continuously creating inspiring and engaging content. Our webshop and social media platforms are constantly fed with relevant and unique content. We share our passion and knowledge through storytelling with focus on the history behind the greatest brands, innovations, technologies, new releases, and everything else that is happening on the sneakers scene.

Our in-house productions include pack shots, look books, campaign shoots, video content, graphics, copy writing, campaign and concept development, web tv and so much more – all executed by our content team at HQ.

Product range

As a very significant part of our profile and concept, we carefully select the brands and styles we carry. Both brands as well as the styles help create the universe that is Rezet, and they all tell a story about who we are. No matter which brand it comes down to, it being big brands like Nike and Adidas, or Danish brands like Soulland and Han Kjøbenhavn, there will always be comprehensive consideration behind the selection of each brand and the individual styles from their collections. We only carry brands that we can vouch for, and we only select products that we ourselves would wear.