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Rezet Store Magasin
Kongens Nytorv 13
DK-1095 København K
Tlf. til butikken: (+45) 53737900
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Opening hours:
Monday - Sunday: 10 - 20 
Fredag: 10 - 19 
Lørdag: 10 - 17
Søndag: 11 - 15

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Rezet Store Magasin Du Nord
Rezet Store Magasin Du Nord

Rezet Store Magasin: Our first shop-in-shop concept


In connection with the renovation of the first floor in Magasin Du Nord in 2019, when they unveiled their brand new urban concept, a unique opportunity opened up to place a new Rezet Sneaker Store in the famous department store at Kongens Nytorv in the middle of Copenhagen. With the location in Magasin, Rezet Store launches its first shop-in-shop concept, which is a natural extension of the growing business. The department store in the iconic building has a long and rich history, which the Rezet Sneaker Store proudly helps to carry on with its expert knowledge and passion for sneakers.

Rezet Store Magasin Du Nord

Thoughts behind the design


The store in Magasin is the third Rezet Store in Copenhagen, which is designed with Rezet Store's authentic and recognizable brand DNA. The store, with its light expression, offers customers an inspiring shop universe where there is room for being nerdy around sneakers. The frames are simple and minimalist but also refined and detailed. Just as we know it from the proud Danish design tradition.

Rezet Store Magasin Du Nord

Rezet Store Magasin Du Nord