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Rezet Store Rådhusstræde
Rådhusstræde 7
DK-1161 København K
Shop phone: (+45) 71 99 90 33
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Opening hours:
Monday - Thursday: 10 - 18 
Friday: 10 - 19 
Saturday: 10 - 17
Sunday: 11 - 15
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The original rezet store


In April, 2011 we opened the first Rezet Sneaker Store, in an old apartment on Rådhusstræde 7. The apartment was most recently used as offices for the travel agency Balkan Travels - needless to say, it needed som love and attention. With great help from friends and family, we worked on-site for 3 months up to the opening, as do-it -yourself builders/designers/architects etc. Through blood sweat and tears, the store opened as planned on April 16, 2011.
Download images of the store here.

A go-to destination


Today the store is known as one of the leading sneaker stores in Copenhagen, with a staff who both possess nerdy sneaker knowledge, and who understands how to create a good atmosphere around its customers. We truly hope that you will stop by if you are in the neighborhood.



“The minimalstic approach is recurring, subtle, and simple, to let the products speak for themselves. The color scheme and the material selection, have both been toned down to make room for the explosion of color and materials, provided by the extensive range of products. Furthermore, there has been made room for contemplation, by ensuring an overall warm and welcoming atmosphere. The simplicity in the design ensures a delicate finish with a clean aesthetic, while the choice of naturally sourced materials provide a more sensual touch, in the shape of wood, concrete and steel”, Mathias Bruun Christensen elaborates.