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At Rezet, we never settle for the standard way of doing things. We strive to challenge the status quo in everything we do. The same goes for the latest campaign for Nike Air Zoom Spiridon, Defy Conventions, which has the same focus. In connection with the campaign, we have interviewed 3 creative personalities. Each they tell about their jobs and how a normal day looks like. Furthermore they give us their take on how they challenge the status quo in their jobs.

Asger Schønheyder 39 years Program Editor at TV2 Zulu



What does your day usually look like? My day can turn out in a 100 different ways. Some days are at the office from 9-17, other days I attend production meetings, recordings or research tours. Unfortunately, there are not so many sushi lunches, as some may think. In fact, there are just really, really many meetings. In my job, you are most involved in all the preparations and the post-production. The television format has a lot of norms and frameworks for how things should be done. How do you challenge them? When working with television, and especially television for young people, it's always about challenging the norms. It's always about telling things in new ways. For example, when we make Zulu Awards it should never be quite like last year. There must always be new locations and themes, while sharing the prices that people expect in the program. In many ways, making television is about giving people what they expect in new ways, so you're always stay fresh with new content. When TV feels old og like something you've seen before, people will change the channel and that is not something we are interested in.



How do you break the TV Conventions? I always challenge my partners and suppliers, to always think in new ways. I do what I can to take challenges that can prevent us from driving in circles.