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At Rezet, we never settle for the standard way of doing things. We strive to challenge the status quo in everything we do. The same goes for the latest campaign for Nike Air Zoom Spiridon, Defy Conventions, which has the same focus. In connection with the campaign, we have interviewed 3 creative personalities. Each they tell about their jobs and how a normal day looks like. Furthermore they give us their take on how they challenge the status quo in their jobs.

Trine qvistgaard 33 years Art Director at VICE/Virtue



What does your day usually look like? As an Art Director, you have different tasks, which means that very few days are the same, fortunately! This means that my days fluctuate from "classical office work", where I'm caught in meetings, concept development and post production - to days where I'm out of the house making recordings, location scouts and presentations at home and abroad. In your work at VICE / Virtue, you work with many different customers and across platforms and media, how do you manage your tasks? I love working with many different customers. It differentiates everyday, which is perfect for my temper. But you must know how to juggle between different customers across countries, platforms and industries. It can be anything from shooting a yogurt in the perfect light to shooting a kite surfer jumping of the roof of the Black Diamond. Therefore, as the first thing, I always look thoroughly on a customer. I check them out on all their channels and get to know them and get them under my skin - before i start the creative part.



VICE / Virtue is known to break the norms and challenge the assumption of how campaigns should 'be'. Is it something you're considering when you have a task? Yes definitely! The very special thing about working for VICE / Virtue is that we are a brand in ourselves. We have a voice and a tonality that permeates everything we do. It was something I needed to get use to in the beginning, from the "traditional advertising" that doesn’t really work in the same way. But at VICE / Virtue we work with customers in a very special way that means we are moving limits every day in a very creative way. It's great to be a part of!