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On January adidas Originals will release yet a new interpretation of the popular EQT collection. It is 26 years since the first EQT release in 1991 and a lot has happened, but EQT's core is still the same. We explore the equipment line from the beginning until now. The EQT collection was released for the first time in 1991. It was a counter reaction to a time with trends that featured colors, over-designed products and a general 'more is more' approach that prevailed up through the '80s. EQT aimed to be the essential and nothing more. The focus was to create a collection exclusively meeting athletes needs in terms of performance, protection and comfort. Everything that is essential. Nothing that is not.



With the new direction adidas took on this collection, a new logo was born - the green equipment logo with the three stripes, known from the brand's original logo. The color range was a striking green, black and white as Peter Moore describes as an athletic colorway which signals that it is not a fashion collection and it is notabout what colors are used, but it is about performance. The same approach is evident in the design, such as the innovative wrap the top, wherein the tongue is attached to one side of the shoe and in this way closes over the ankle and does not curl up or move. It’s not about color, it’s about performance. It’s not about color, it’s about function. It’s not about color. - Peter Moore, Kreativ Direktør for EQT



Since EQT's birth in 1991, the collection has been a regular part of the adidas brand and particularly in Germany and amongst the world sneakerheads, it has become a collector's item and a symbol of sneaker culture in it’s purest form. Every season the EQT collections evolves in new colors or new designs, but often with a respect for the origin. One of the more notable iterations of EQT, was in 2016, when the collection came with adidas’ innovative boost soles on the old retro models.



EQT is itself often seen as a collector's item and the styles are often used in connection with design collaborations with artists, other brands or sneaker shops worldwide. At Rezet Sneaker Store, some of the collaborations we remember, are BAPE, Overkill and of course Copenhagen, as part of the EQT City Series. Equipment, it’s the best of adidas. - Peter Moore, Kreativ Direktør for EQT



The most striking change of the EQT collection in 2017 is the transition from the green signature color to the new EQT color, called Turbo Red. The color is found at the polar opposite of the green part of the color scale, which is why this from now on will be the signature color for the next generation of EQT releases. You don’t have a piece of equipment to have fun with. You have a piece of equipment to do something with. - Peter Moore, Kreativ Direktør for EQT



2017 marks a shift for EQT with the new color Turbo Red and defines an entirely new direction for EQT. By pushing the boundaries of the development of EQT further, adidas presents the new collection consisting of both well-known models and improved versions of, among other EQT Support ADV, EQT Support 93/17 and EQT Support Ultra.