In the connection with the Campus release, we interviewed 3 Danish Campus enthusiasts, who each tell their story about the classic shoe. They provide an insight into their first meeting with the Adidas Campus. Furthermore, they tell why Campus has been one of their favorite sneakers ever since. 




 Jens Wiinblad


 Head of Buying / Store Manager, Wood Wood


When did you buy your first pair of adidas Original Campus?


It’s probably 14-15 years ago. In connection with an outlet, I caught a pair of Campus 2, which is slightly higher in the sole and wider in the silhouette than a Campus 80's, and is usually not found on the European market. I didn’t have much knowledge about the shoe at that time. I knew it was Adidas and thought they were nice.




Why is Campus one of your favorite sneakers?


It's a simple shoe that goes with almost everything, because it's so simple in its expression. And then it has a story, that in one way or another makes it a classic for most people.





How do you use your Campus?


As mentioned, it works with almost everything, so I use it in a lot of connections. However, I could never use it for sports. There are many better alternatives.





Campus is often overlooked in comparison to Gazelle. Why do you think that is?


I really don’t feel like that. Gazelle is perhaps a bit better than Campus on a commercial level, because of its closed toebox, as well as its more simple and narrow silhouette. But when it gets a little more sneaker nerdy, I think Campus tends to be appreciated a bit more than Gazelle, partly because of its roots in hip hop.




Peter Toftsø




When did you buy your first pair of adidas Original Campus?


I don’t know. It was a long time ago. When did they first release? Of the 7 pairs I have now, I bought the first pair at an outlet market 6-8-10 years ago.




Why is Campus one of your favorite sneakers?


I'm into Stan Smith and Campus, but mostly the Campus '80. They are both classical but the campus is just slimmer.





You are a collector of different Campus releases, which is your favorite?


My favorites are my two pairs of 80s in mesh, but they are kind of worn out and faded in color, so I don’t use them that much anymore.




Do you have a pair of Campus that you are saving and never going to use?


I have a couple I haven’t used yet, which is Campus' 80s Jam Fourness. I found them in Washington last year. They are just too cool. If my wife, Sara wanted to marry me again, I would have them on!




Signe Maria




When did you buy your first pair of adidas Original Campus?


I bought my first Campus online when I was 15 years old.




Why is Campus one of your favorite sneakers?


Campus is definitely one of my favorite sneaks because it's simple and classic and they are available in many different colors. They have a crazy nice shape. Especially on the shoe box, which is something I really look at when buying shoes.I think Campus fits perfectly for a beautiful dress, but also on a chill day. I often recommend the model if someone is looking for a classic and nice sneaker that can go with almost everything.





How do you use your Campus?


I use them for almost everything. When I teach dance, go to work or attend a party in the summer.




Why does Campus fit you well?


It fits me well because it gives a fresh look to various outfits. You never go wrong with a pair of campus, which is classic and fresh!




The Campus history started back in the 80’s, where adidas was busy conquering the American market. It was especially an album cover from the Beastie Boys’ “Check Your Head”, which created the massive hype around the classic sneaker.