In 2015, it was predicted that Adidas would launch a new sneaker model, but nobody knew what kind of shoe it would be or what it would be called. In December, NMD launched for the first time and has since been one of Adidas' most hyped sneakers.




The name NMD comes from the word ‘Nomad’ and refers to the restless young people who are always on the move. When these young people travel or are on the go, they often have to carry less items with them. That was exactly the idea behind NMD, which was designed to be used in all kinds of situations and as the only pair of shoes.


NMD takes inspiration from three former Adidas models, namely The Boston Super, Micropacer and Rising Star. In addition, there have been used Boost and Primeknit technologies, which have resulted in a lightweight and comfortable shoe.




Now the shoe is back in a second version, still bearing the flair of previous models. The new 11 colorways are also based on the same Boost and Primeknit technology.



There is no doubt that Adidas will continue to develop the NMD sneaker. The latest take on the hyped sneakers can be found online and in-store