New Balance flagship models from the American factories has undoubtedly been their 990s line, which since 1982 has created one of the most legendary runners to date.




The first shot was the 990, probably the model many do not recognize today. The model was four years along the way and the goal was clear to create the world's best running shoes.




It would be 16 years for the 990 series to move again. Here came a markedly changed visual sneaker that really formed the basis of the many next 990's models. The model was called 990v2 and became a safe hit in the late 90s.




In 2001, the English factory in Flimby reached the 990s wave, creating the 991 model, which to this day still is one of the most popular New Balance models. The model also contributed to introducing the innovative Abzrob technology.




New Balance celebrated their 100 years with a blast! The model to pay tribute to all the old silhouettes became the 992's model, which probably is most known for being Steve Jobs favourite sneaker.




Shortly afterwards, the 993s landed much resembling the 992 on a number of fronts. The model combines all the good stuff from the 990s and 991s and has in particular been a solid choice for many Americans.




Blogger shoe, the dad shoes dear children have many names! 2012 was the year the 990v3 model landed. The model is undoubtedly the shoe that has created the most hype in Denmark and has become an all-time favorite for most Danish sneaker girls.




The latest shot on the trunk is the updated 990v4 model, which commemorates the history and groundbreaking technologies that have created the legendary 990 series since 1982.



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