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Rezet Store Aarhus
Søndergade 70
DK-8000 Aarhus C
Shop phone: (+45) 8618 0562
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Monday - thursday: 10 - 18 
Friday: 10 - 19 
Saturday: 10 - 17
Sunday: 11 - 15

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Heading to Aarhus


The market for sneakers has been changing quite a bit in the recent years. From being reserved to a closed group of sneaker afficionados and retailers backyards and basements, sneakers today have become the most popular everyday shoes. Rezet Sneaker Store has been on this journey since 2011, when we first store opened a store in an old apartment on Rådhusstræde downtown Copenhagen.
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Room for stories


The sneaker market is characterized by a growing amount of product innovation, and
limited edition releases, which had to be taken in to account when designing the new
retail-spaces. Therefore, each store has a number of dedicated brand-spaces for the most
important sneaker brands to tell their most important stories.

About the branded spaces


"These areas act as a momentary glimpse of where a given brand’s focus is - right here right now. Translated to a modern context, you could say that these areas work as physical blog posts, with room for storytelling around the product in focus. The essence of these branded spaces, will be to tell the newest stories, when they are relevant,” Women's Director at Rezet Sneaker Store, Frederikke Toftsø, explains. She is also thrilled to see her idea of a dedicated Girls areas, being implemented the first floor in the store. Especially the "Girls" neon-sign is a darling of her.

Excellent service
We're always eager to serve you in the best possible way - we'll make sure that the buying process is easy and safe. Whether you drop by our physical stores, or you choose to do your purchases online, we always consider excellent service as the most important element. Have a look at our latest reviews on Trustpilot below: