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Rezet Store Jorcks
Jorcks Passage
DK-1161 København K
Shop phone: (+45) 33 33 07 44
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Opening hours
Monday - thursday: 10 - 18 
Friday: 10 - 19 
Saturday: 10 - 18
Sunday: 11 - 15

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Our store in Jorcks Passage is located downtown Copenhagen in the recently renovated passage. The store concept is a dynamic retail-universe, aiming to raise the bar for what consumers can expect from their local sneaker provider. The retail-space have been designed by Rezet Sneaker Store co-founder and Creative Director, Mathias Bruun Christensen, in close collaboration with the upcoming industrial designduo Borg Brückner. Their objective has been to position Rezet Sneaker Store as an international brand, without losing its Nordic heritage.
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About the store


“Rezet Store was founded on a true love for sneakers. Everyone on the team behind Rezet has a unique relationship with sneakers, which we have strived to incorporate in every detail of the new retail concept”, states Kasper Mølgaard-Nielsen, co-founder and Director at Rezet Sneaker Store.

About the design


“The Nordic approach is recurring, subtle, and simple, to let the products speak for themselves. The color scheme and the material selection, have both been toned down to make room for the explosion of color and materials, provided by the extensive range of products. Furthermore, there has been made room for contemplation, by ensuring an overall warm and welcoming atmosphere. The simplicity in the design ensures a delicate finish with a clean aesthetic, while the choice of naturally sourced materials provide a more sensual touch, in the shape of oak, plywood, linoleum, and steel”, Mathias Bruun Christensen elaborates.

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